Handmade made bunting tutorial

I have a friend who is doing my youngest daughters birthday party for me later in the year. It is a wonderful themed party based around Alice In Wonderland where the guests make their own cupcakes and decorate their own box to take them home in. Aside from the stress of having five 6 year olds baking in my kitchen I think it is a wonderful idea. Anyway in the true spirit of modern day life we are not exchanging money to pay for this (well a little but that is for ingredients) but we are participating in a skill exchange. My friend provides her expertise and equipment and I am providing the aprons and have decided to make some bunting as well.

There is nothing challenging about making bunting but as a first project for a beginner it is a good one so I have decided to attempt my first proper sewing tutorial here on my blog. I am not precious about this project so feel free to use it as you wish, for yourself, your friends or even to sell. If you do make these to sell it would be nice to have a link to my blog as a courtesy if you don’t mind!!!

Anyway here we go.


Assortment of material that you want to use. I am using this fabric bundle from Fabric Rehab

Template (mine is 20cm across the top and 25 cm long)

Scissors or rotary cutter

Ruler / straight edge



Binding in chosen colour (I am using this from Crafty Ribbons).

I have worked out that I have 2m of binding so I can hang approx 6 flags. You need 10cm free at either end then from the left hand edge of one flag to the left hand edge of the next is approx 30cm. This will make a short length of bunting obviously you can make whatever length you wish.

How to…

1) Cut out your template using some card.

2) Take your fabric. I use fat quarters. Fold it with the right sides together and trace out your flags. If you line your straight edges together you will save loads of material and get more flags for your money.

3) Cut out your flags using scissors or your rotary cutter4) Make sure your flag halves are pinned with right sides together and now you just have to sew the 2 halves together. I use a 0.5 cm seam meaning I sew half a cm from the edge of the fabric. Use a simple straight stitch and there is no real need to backstitch the beginning and then end as the ends will be covered by the binding. Take some time to get your stitching as straight as possible. Don’t necessarily feel the urge to switch to the fastest speed possible. Start slow and gradually build up as you feel confident.

When you get to the point of the flag leave the needle down in the fabric, raise the foot and turn your fabric round so you can sew up the other edge. That way you get a nice neat point.

5) Turn your flags in the right way. Cut the points round to reduce the amount of bulk at the tips. Be careful not to cut through your stitching!

Use a pair of scissors of a specifically designed tool to push the points of your flags out and make them neat. Before you go any further now iron them flat. 

6) With your binding measure 10cm from one end and place your flag onto the binding. Ensure that half the binding is one side of the flag and the rest of the binding is on the other side of the flag. Pin in place. Leave a 10cm gap and place the next flag. Pin in place and keep repeating until all flags are placed. You may find it better to decide on your flag arrangement before actually pinning them to save you mucking around later on.

7) Now all you have to do is sew along the binding to secure the flags to the binding. At both ends fold the 10cm length of binding back to form a loop so that you can hang the bunting up easier.

Ta Dah!!! What do you think??

I hope you have found this easy to follow. I hope it has inspired you to have a go. Let me know how you found the instructions

TTFN xxx


1 fat quarter will give you 4 flags using my template above. 

Don’t throw your scraps away I have managed to get around 40 2.5 cm square squares from the left overs which will make a fab patchwork something or other ;o)


Neck pillow tutorial

So here I am feeling quite sorry for myself following a fall on my garden steps at the weekend whilst carrying my basket of washing to hang out. I twisted as I fell and have got back spasms which are really painful and even worse unpredictable. One minute I can be relatively fine and then next in agony! I have had 2 days off work already and am off for at least one more hoping to see GP tomorrow. Anyway…….I have been able to get some sewing done, short stints so as not to sit in one position for long. I have been thinking of making a neck pillow for Savannah for use in the car when she goes to sleep and today I finally got down and made it. This is my first attempt at the pillow and I think it needs a little refining but you will be able to use the principles to make your own.

The pillow is a basic horseshoe shape which I free hand drew onto pattern paper. I only drew half of the horsehoe and then laid the straight edge against the fold in the material.

Step 2 cut out 2 of these shapes. I used a dotty fabric for the top and a wincyette for the underneath as it is soft.

I know I know they look like toilet seat covers!!! place them right sides together and sew around the edges. Don’t forget to leave a gap to enable you to turn the pillow in the right way.

Turn it out the right way and stuff. It is a case of personal preference as to how firm you stuff your pillow. Using ladder stitch close the hole and ta dah! there you have it ….one neck pillow for car journeys!

Yes I know it still looks like a toilet seat but it is a comfortable one!!! Savannah can’t try it out cos she is in bed so she will see it in the morning. Me I best be off now I have an early appointment with a GP surgery to wait outside for them to open so I can get an appointment…excellent system I know!!!!!


PS I would love to hear what you think about my tutorial and I would love to see any that you make!

Prize draw pin cushion for Terri

I hope Terri does not mind seeing it here first but I am so bad at remembering to photograph stuff I make that I need to do it immediately I remember. Sign of old age don’t you know LOL.

Anyway this is the pin cushion that I have made Terri using the heart tutorial I linked to in an earlier post and also using an online tutorial for flowers which can be found here.

What do you think then?