Rico Can Can Purple Mix

Yup still making scarves LOL. This has to be my most favourite colour yet. it is Rico Can Can purple mix and simply gorgeous.

Only a quick post today cos I am off out in a minute but wanted to make sure you hadn’t all thought I had cleared off and left you.

I had my 40th Birthday party last night shared with my parents who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic night, caught up with family and friends did loads of dancing and ate some truly gorgeous food. Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate


Rico Designs Dark Green can can scarf

Here is todays’ offering. Rico Designs Dark Green can can scarf.
I am off to do some sewing now

Rico Turquoise Can Can Scarf

Another scarf completed. I sincerely hope you are all ok with the endless pictures of the scarves. I am not doing it for self gratification (well…maybe a little lol) but I am trying to give you all an idea of the colour and how they knit up. I true technological fashion the colour you see on the computer screen is not always totally representative of the true real life colour so I am also calling it the manufacturers name so you can google it and check out the manufacturer picture as well if you wish. This scarf is turquoise, if you click on the picture you should be taken to my flickr site where you can see this scarf in a different light literally.
Happy Wednesday guys see you soon

Grey with pink glitter can can scarf

I am still knitting guys ;o)
So how are you all. Half term is over and I now have a week off which is kinda sad cos it would have been nice to see the girls a bit but there is also something nice about having a week off when everyone else is at school or work LOL
So…what am I gonna get up to in my week off. Well today I have to take ED to the dentist cos she had a little accident with her front tooth which needs sorting. Oh and tonight I have a Halloween party to go to. Tomorrow I am taking the FIL to the GP and then I am having my hair done. Hopefully Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will allow me to get some serious sewing and knitting done.
What are your plans for this week? Who is going to a halloween party tonight? I am hoping to have pictures for you later of our party.

Loopy yarn scarf

Loopy yarn scarf by Samantha Halliwell
Loopy yarn scarf, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

I learnt how to knit as a child, my mum is a massive knitter. I have lots of memories of knitted jumpers some good some not so good but that was due to peer pressure. My mum’s workmanship was awesome. Sadly although I can knit I simply cannot follow patterns, it is like reading another language and I just cannot decipher it LOL.
I can. however knit scarves! And I found this totally gorgous wool yesterday and made this in one evening and adore it!
What do you think?