Silent Sunday





Peony by Samantha Halliwell
Peony, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

I am still playing with the various photo editing apps that I have on my phone. My Peonies have bloomed and thankfully the wind has not whipped all the gorgeous petals off yet and neither have the heads all been ripped off by the school kids walking past my house.
This photo was edited in Snapseed and I REALLY REALLY like this picture.


A moment is the theme of todays FMSPhotoaday. I may be overthinking this photo a day thing but I felt like there was something I could get my teeth into today.

Define moment (Free Dictionary)

1. A brief, indefinite interval of time.
2. A specific point in time, especially the present time.
3. A particular period of importance, influence, or significance in a series of events or developments.
4. Outstanding significance or value; importance.
5. A brief period of time that is characterized by a quality, such as excellence, suitability, or distinction:
Options for the photo include taking a picture of my family to fill definition 4. None of them wanted to play along. so back to the drawing board. I can’t think of anything for definition 3. Number 1 appeals so off I go to see what I can get.
For those of you who want to know more about FMSPhotoaday click here
Photo to follow later tonight

Ramsgate Harbour

Ramsgate Harbour by Samantha Halliwell
Ramsgate Harbour, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

Its pretty rough out there today! We have escaped the snow (so far!!!) but it is extremely windy. Not a nice day to work in the community eh!!! But the sunny days will make up for these when they finally get here.
I hope you are all nice and snuggled up warm