Happy Halloween and things that scare.

In the true spirit of Halloween I am listening to Radio 2 (I know I am old!!!!!) and they are playing songs on the theme of this, the spookiest of days. They have just played Blue Oyster Cult “Don’t fear the reaper” which has set me off thinking bout things that scare you. I am a huge Stephen King fan and his post apocalyptic book written in the late 1970’s called “The Stand” had this tune in the starting sequence and to this day reminds me of this book.
I love post apocalyptic literature. Being a child of the 80’s I remember spending my time being very very stressed about the very real threat of nuclear war. There is something about reading how people coped with the end of the world and the struggles to cope with everyday life once everything we take for granted has gone or no longer works. Most of all though I remember being absolutely terrified by these things.
I have just started to read “Swan Song” by Robert McCammon which I am happy to say is another post apocalyptic novel written in the late 80’s. once again I find myself becoming entrenched into the struggle between good and evil alongside just simply being able to survive day to day in devastated environments. Imogen has just asked me what I am reading as I have disappeared into a little place that I go when I am engrossed in a good book. I have tried to explain what it was like living in the 80’s with the threat of war ever present and bless her she does not get it. Do you know what her fear is?
This generation is dealing with another end of the world scenario but this one is a little more precise. December 21st 2012 to be exact. This day represents the end of the Mayan calendar and is being touted as the end of the world. Imogen is genuinely scared by this thought. The recent superstorm Sandy in the USA has been reported as being a once in a lifetime storm or the storm of the century and Imogen suggested that this was related to the end of the world. She did say this jokingly but as a child of the nuclear threat I detected a nervous undercurrent, of not being to sure if she believed it or not.
What scares you? What memories do you have that shape your fears?
Happy Halloween guys, have a lovely evening, be safe with whatever you do.


Jack O’Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Head

OK so maybe I was a bit premature about Christmas the other day especially as Halloween comes first!
I have had some ideas for Halloween decorations and am busy making templates for my felt designs.
I thought I would have a look around Flickr for pictures of pumpkins which are iconic of Halloween and found this excellent sculpture by David Boardman. I may just try my hand at some pumpkin carving this year.
Have you any plans for Halloween crafts?

Grey with pink glitter can can scarf

I am still knitting guys ;o)
So how are you all. Half term is over and I now have a week off which is kinda sad cos it would have been nice to see the girls a bit but there is also something nice about having a week off when everyone else is at school or work LOL
So…what am I gonna get up to in my week off. Well today I have to take ED to the dentist cos she had a little accident with her front tooth which needs sorting. Oh and tonight I have a Halloween party to go to. Tomorrow I am taking the FIL to the GP and then I am having my hair done. Hopefully Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will allow me to get some serious sewing and knitting done.
What are your plans for this week? Who is going to a halloween party tonight? I am hoping to have pictures for you later of our party.