Silent Sunday




Photo a day

So it has been a while since I did #fmsphotoaday and as I have been able to open one of my Christmas presents early I thought it would be a good time to start again. So todays theme is Sparkly and look what I have been able to do with my new fantastic Nikon D3200. I am a happy girlie!!!CSC_0035

Macro photography

The theme for tomorrow #fmsphotoaday is macro. Now this is a form of photography i really enjoy tinkering with. This photo is of a sunflower taken with my Canon Powershot on macro mode. I also really love making pictures black and white as I think they really add to the picture. I am aware that some people think that black and white detracts from the beauty of nature in all her glory, each to their own!!!
Anyway I am very pleased with this picture.


Hello Kitty

#FMSPhotoaday – Negative Space ….

#FMSPhotoaday Happiness is….

#FMSPhotoaday – Shoes

For those of you who don’t know I have started doing the #FMSPhotoaday challenge. This can be found here and is really good fun. The 3 photos above are examples of what I have been taking pictures of lately. Join in guys no special equipment needed just a camera or a phone with a camera and a little bit of imagination.



A moment is the theme of todays FMSPhotoaday. I may be overthinking this photo a day thing but I felt like there was something I could get my teeth into today.

Define moment (Free Dictionary)

1. A brief, indefinite interval of time.
2. A specific point in time, especially the present time.
3. A particular period of importance, influence, or significance in a series of events or developments.
4. Outstanding significance or value; importance.
5. A brief period of time that is characterized by a quality, such as excellence, suitability, or distinction:
Options for the photo include taking a picture of my family to fill definition 4. None of them wanted to play along. so back to the drawing board. I can’t think of anything for definition 3. Number 1 appeals so off I go to see what I can get.
For those of you who want to know more about FMSPhotoaday click here
Photo to follow later tonight