Snail’s Trail

Snail's Trail by The Demanding Doll
Snail’s Trail, a photo by The Demanding Doll on Flickr.

I am experimenting with quilting blocks and have decided to use the Snail Trail pattern. To get the best idea I need to show you how it can look so this photo is from Melody on Flickr. Isn’t it a gorgeous looking quilt. I sincerely hope mine looks at least halfway as good.

Other news. I have signed up for my Masters again and this starts tomorrow so just as I decide to get on with some sewing studying comes along again but anyway at least I can use it to keep me from getting stressed with exams and essays lol

TTFN another block is calling me


Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags by Samantha Halliwell
Drawstring bags, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

I have finally managed to get the urge to sew. Been a while!!!!!
In case you didn’t know we are off on our camping hols soon and I decided we needed some cute little bags to store things in. I did an internet search and came up with this top way of making the bags which you can find here
What do you think then?

Ruby quilt

Made from a Moda Layer Cake “Ruby” . This is not finished yet cos I need to buy my wadding but I can get that easily tomorrow!
I was worried that the dusky pink would not look ok but I am pleasantly surprised but how right it does actually look and should learn to trust my instincts on my colour choices!
This measures 67.5 inches long (171cm long) and 37 inches (94 cm) wide and I am very pleased with it. I have managed to get over 90% of the lines straight which is a massive improvement for me. I really quite love this!!


I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas. I think I can genuinely say that this has been one of my best ever and hope it bodes well for the year ahead. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all for reading my little blog and wish you all a very happy, healthy and propserous 2012


My Latest Quilt

I have not made a quilt for ages. I have a few made but none of them are finished yet they need backing and binding I just don’t seem to have the guts to do it.

This is my latest design using a Moda layer cake called Ruby. I adore using layer cakes and charm packs, you have ready co-ordinated fabrics good to go and all you have to do is work out what one to put where!!!


Fabric Suppliers

I have had quite a few comments about where I get my material from so I thought I would do a post sharing a few of my fav suppliers.

First up Seamstar. A lovely variety of fabrics with excellent fast service and always wrapped beautifully with a little ribbon that you can use in things you make. Material is available from fat quarter size upwards and is just a lovely site to visit and drool over.

Second up is Gone to Earth This was one of the first websites i visited for material. Again their service is prompt and there is a fantastic selection of material and haberdashery. They also have a flickr album for things you make and a blog with ideas and stuff on for you to look at. Well worth a look.

My current huge fav is Fabric Rehab. OMG what a fab selection of fabrics. Like most websites fabric is available from fat quarter size upwards. I have found this site brilliant for material more suited for boys. Once again I have never had a problem with their fast service.

These are the 3 sites I use most. In fact I rarely buy from high street shops now, one cos they are few and far between and 2 because I like to be able to browse with the pressure of having to hurry up and / or buy something. I have also found that if I see something that someone has made they are (usually) very happy to tell you where they got their material from. I take it as a compliment if someone likes something I have made enough to want to buy the same material themselves!

Right best be off The Apprentice starts shortly !!!


Scrap bag and machine tidy

There are patterns for this type of storage thing all over the internet (look here) but having looked at them I decided I did not need to follow a pattern I could make my own and so ta dah!!! Here it is.
The little bag holds scraps and bits of thread and can be removed and emptied into the bin, the other sections hold useful items that I use regularly such as my scissors, corner poking tool thing, pens, pencils etc

The weight of my sewing machine holds the thing to the table and I even made my own bias binding which took me ages…… and was a pain to sew LOL

Anyway I like it, what do you think???

Boxy Pouch

I found a tutorial for the little pouch pictured below here . It did not take to long to make at all and is a good starting point for me to get into sewing zips and lined pouches!