Wine O’Clock coaster with decorative seed bead detail

Wine O'Clock coaster with decorative seed bead detail by Samantha Halliwell
I know I have posted a picture already but it was taken late at night with my iPhone camera and I wanted a better picture so here it is. I LOVE the added detail that the seed beads give this coaster and am already making other coasters with different wording for the teetoal people amongst us!
I also wanted to say a mahoosive thank you to all my followers and people who have liked posts I have made. I have got my 10th follower and my 20th like today. This may not seem much but I am quite pleased with it. To those of you following and liking thank you keep popping back please and bring some friends with you if you want

Wine O’Clock

Wine O'Clock by Samantha Halliwell
Wine O’Clock, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

As a fairly keen camper I strive to ensure that the things we take with us are as light as possible and as my husband is a keen wine drinker (not just on holiday LOL) I thought that this would be quite nice to have on the camping table. Of course they do not just have to be for camping. Anytime is Wine O’Clock so I am told ;o)