Catching up with our Swiss contingent

(left to right: Susanne, Shaun, Tony, Savannah, Jason, me (at the front), Imogen and Keith)

The Swiss contingent of the Halliwell family made it over to England this week for a little holiday. As always it was lovely to catch up with them. Sunday evening we had a fantastic fondue with them and Savannah made firm friends with Susanne. Tuesday evening they came round for a couple of hours and poor Susanne had her ears chewed off all evening by Savannah who just commanded attention as always.

On Thursday evening we went out for a meal and had a lovely evening again. It all goes too fast and soon enough they were on their way home BUT we have managed to sort out our holiday for next summer so (provided I can get the time off) we are going to Switzerland for our summer holiday next July. We are taking the camper and pitching on a plot of land next to Keith and Susanne’s house and will be able to spend some time with them. There was talk of the Eiger and mountain climbing as well as swimming in lakes and streams and OMG I am already very excited to be going.



Sunset off Messanges beach in France

So….my 2 weeks in the sun are over and I am back to work and study already.
Did you guys miss me? LOL don’t answer that. In case you are wondering I went to a fab campsite on the outskirts of Messanges in France called Le Vieux Port about an hour away from Spain and I totally recommend it. The swimming pools were fab, the weather was awesome and there are loads of things to do in places around Messanges so it makes a good base for getting out and exploring.
Right ……. best get back to my study a 3000 word essay will not write itself.

Wine O’Clock

Wine O'Clock by Samantha Halliwell
Wine O’Clock, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

As a fairly keen camper I strive to ensure that the things we take with us are as light as possible and as my husband is a keen wine drinker (not just on holiday LOL) I thought that this would be quite nice to have on the camping table. Of course they do not just have to be for camping. Anytime is Wine O’Clock so I am told ;o)

I love gingham!

P1040622 by Samantha Halliwell
P1040622, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

OMG I never thought I would hear myself say that but I do. I have a MASSIVE apology to make. It has been so darned long since I blogged that I bet you all thought I had disappeared forever! LOL – no such luck. Here I am.  I have been MIA cos I started my new job which I am loving but I work Monday to Friday now office hours and had not realised how much that cut into my computer and blogging time. Now that I am getting settled I should be able to get into a routine and it won’t be so long in future before my next post.

Anyhoo what else have I been up to? Pillows and cushions. The gingham heart you can see is part of a design I have made for a pillow slip I was asked to make for a friend. The fabric is from my most fav current fabric supplier Fabric Rehab, called the Yummy Mummy Vintage Rose and Gingham Bundle. I wonder if Tony would mind it as bunting for the camper.

Speaking of camper we are off on our hols soon. Not long at all. I am sooo looking forward to  a break. We are going to the South of France with some friends camping and are going to have a fantastic time. Hope the weather is way better than it was in Camber a few weeks ago. That was rough…extreme camping we called it!

How are you all? I do love hearing about what you are all up to so don’t forget to leave me a comment, tell me what your summer plans are?

TTFN xxx

No time to be poorly….

As a mum being unwell just is not an option is it??? I have another ear infection. Never had one in my life then last summer I got a really bad one where my eardrum burst and then over the last couple of weeks I have had a low grade earache then on Sunday it started to get really bad and yesterday I had to give in and take a day off sick. The dizziness, headache and nausea just got to much but could I rest??? Could I heck not totally anyway. I had to take Savannah to school, run Imogen to the dentist for her braces and then pick Savannah up.

Thankfully I am a bit better today. I still have an awful headache but the dizziness has apparently subsided which is a big plus!

Other news, my quilt making has stepped up a gear. I am in the throes of making a quilt for a friend who has just had her first baby and then Tony has picked one out that he wants me to make for our bed. Imogen really wants a quilt as well so I think I have got a fair few projects to see me for now LOL.

This weekend is my 39th birthday and we are hopefully camping this weekend (weather permitting). 28 or so friends all getting together and going off for a long weekend pictures to follow I hope over the weekend.