flower button

flower button by Samantha Halliwell
flower button, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

I have gone mini with my sewing. Little handmade button with my own hand sewn embroidered design. Bit of refining to do but I am quite liking xxx


I am really rather happy with these!!!

Brooches by Samantha Halliwell
Brooches, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

I am now furiously making stuff cos I have signed up to do a fair in 29 days time aarghhhhhh!!!
I am making loads of scarves (i hope!) but need other stuff to sell as well. MOney is quite tight for veryone so I am not planning on taking to much stuff that is expensive but I am thinking some pocket money things like hairslides and brooches (shown above) and items around the £10 – £20 mark.
God I hope the weather is good to me!!!
Fireworks night is a bit of a washout, it is raining here and not heavy rain but that awful drizzly stuff that soaks you through to the skin. The display we were going to is held in a field and I simply cannot be doing with getting cold wet and muddy for the sake of some fireworks and also gonna cost over £25 to get us 4 in!!!! Shame really cos the weather is quite mild just getting wet would not be so much fun!!!

Button flower cushion

I have been collecting buttons for some time now and thought it would be rather funky to use a whole bunch of them to make a cushion. The cushion measures 12″ x 12″ and is totally handwashable (with a bit of care). Fabric is prewashed before I made it. I am very pleased with it and the texture from the buttons is fab making it a strangely strokeable cushion. Is strokeable even a word LOL?
I have a whole bunch of pink buttons on order and can see a button fetish kicking of and more of these cushions popping up.
I am currently having a few days off work between jobs. My new job starts on Monday and I am quite excited and a little apprehensive but am really looking forward to getting into a new challenge.
Hope you are all well, have a lovely weekend guys