Reverse applique love heart cushion

I have finally managed to find some time to get a little bit of sewing in. This is the third cushion in a set of 4 that I am making for a friend. Another new technique for me but I have posted previously about it. I have made a couple of these and made quite a few errors so this is the current incarnation of this design.
I do quite like this and think that I will make a lot more using this technique.


Why haven’t I tried this before????

Apparently this is called reverse applique. I love it xxIMG_1246 IMG_1247

IMG_1248It is not finished as I still have my machine set up for free motion as I am I still finishing my quilt but I am liking this a lot.

What do you think?


Applique flower cushion cover

I love looking back and seeing what I made and checking through my Flickr album I found this cushion cover that I made this time last year for a friend. She had decorated her lounge with big flowery wallpaper, gave me a sample of the pattern and I used that to make a pair of applique cushions to match. This was my first attempt at applique as well. Mmmmm….must make more applique cushion covers

Applique Rose

Applique Rose by Samantha Halliwell
Applique Rose, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

Gosh golly wow, I can’t believe this was made nearly a year ago. It was my first attempt at applique and making a stained glass window effect and I was so pleased at how it turned out. I still have to arrange a hanger for it and get it up on display but looking at this again makes me think that it is about time I made another one!

First things first I need to clean up my workspace cos it looks like a complete bomb site and then later on this week I hope to get down to some serious sewing. I have a duvet cover to make for a friend and another VERY patient friend has waited a very long time for her seat covers so I must get on with them.
Hope you are all ok