Behind already :(

So week 1 of my photography challenge is already done and no picture!!! My bad…it has been a pretty rough weekend and I have simply not had time to spend getting a decent photo. I do however have plans to try to get it this week so hopefully I will be posting a picture or 2 soon. I am now also thinking about my topic for this week which is “favourite”

Now what could that lead me to take photos of?????



Weekly photography challenge

Now I may be setting myself up to fail here but I have got a new lens for my camera for Christmas as have decided that I would try to post a photo a week throughout 2016. I have a Nikon D3200 and my new lens is a Nikkor AF-S 35mm 1:1.8G.

I have had a look around at some different sites and have drawn up the following list of challenges for me to photograph over the next 12 months. Of course it would be fab if you reading this would join in also but I am doing this for my own development in photography so if you are here simply to have a look at my journey then welcome along and enjoy the ride. Constructive feedback on my photos is also greatly received and welcomed. The date posted is the Monday and I will post my picture on the Sunday at the end of the week.

Jan 4 Self portrait

Jan 11 Favourite

Jan 18 Home

Jan 25 Jewellery

Feb 1 Makes you smile

Feb 8 Dinner

Feb 15 Drink

Feb 22 Family

Feb 29 Childhood

Mar 7 Homemade

Mar 14 Nature

Mar 21 Shoes

Mar 28 Hands

Apr 4 Loved one

Apr 11 Eyes

Apr 18 Out your window

Apr 25 Guilty pleasure

May 2 Work place

May 9 In your bag

May 16 Laughter

May 23 On a walk

May 30 Reflection

June 6 Colour

June 13 Daily routine

June 20 Drink

June 27 High Angle

July 4 Soft

July 11 What is it?

July 18 Clouds

July 25 Sleep

Aug 1 Words

Aug 8 First thing in the morning

Aug 15 Sunset

Aug 22 On my doorstep

Aug 29 Night

Sep 5 New beginnings

Sept 12 Motion

Sept 19 Birthday

Sept 26 Close up

Oct 3 Time

Oct 10 Steps

Oct 17 Low angle

Oct 24 Trees

Oct 31 Spooky

Nov 7 Accessory

Nov 14 Writing

Nov 21 Lights

Nov 28 Something beginning with N

Dec 5 Water

Dec 12 Love

Dec 19 Feeling festive

Dec 26 Self portrait

Lets see how this goes then.

I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a very happy healthy and prosperous 2016 with lots and lots of photos to remember it by.


Saturday with my little lady 

First to the local cemetary to find conkers of which there were none 😞. We did find fir cones which we collected to make Christmas decorations one cold wet Sunday in the near future.  We found this tree that reminded us both of one of our favourite books “The Big Honey Hunt”. 

   Next we are off to get a bit of lunch and then my little surprise. Be back later xx

Defecting to the dark side…

So after raving about how much I love my Fitbit Charge HR (and I still do) I have acquired an Apple Watch. This is a completely gorgeous piece of kit and I love it.

Yes I do use it mostly for the fitness components and I imagine we are a long way from using it to its fullest potential. Buying 1st generation may not always be a wise investment especially for something of this price but it is really rather scrummy.

What I haven’t done yet is pitch it up against the Fitbit Charge HR and see what differences there are but the one massive thing that Apple may have missed the boat on is the community support that you get with Fitbit. I do miss my “Workweek Hustle” and my “Weekend Warrior” challenges and the competitiveness it fosters. I am alone again in my daily mission to achieve goals with the Apple Watch. I also miss the graphics of heart rate when running although I have not bee able to run since I got the watch due to a severe calf strain.

I think that at some point I will wear both devices and see how they fare against each other but fornow I have put my Fitbit Charge HR to one side and am getting acquainted to my Apple Watch