Meet Molly

Meet Molly our new member of the family. She is a 5 month old cocker spaniel puppy.


Sewing again. 

I have been shockingly shabby at the weekly photo challenge I set myself. Bad beyond belief but I have managed to do some sewing today  

   Savannah is still sucking her thumb and my niece is also a thumb sucker so I have made some new “thumbsies” for them both. 

So one on hand feeling a bit pleased with myself but I will get the photo thing done I promise. 


New blog title. Same address 

So I have been playing with blog names (something I blogged about ages ago). I finally got one I like and here it is. The Worldwich of Sam. Worldwich is obviously made up but I like that is sounds like a world sandwich which is a little like what my blog is about. Me being the bread and the various bits of my life like my family and my sewing and my photography being the different filings. What do you think?


So rubbish already…sorry :(

I knew I would struggle but I did’t imagine it would be by week 3. I have really had problems working out a photo for “Home” and then it just spiralled from there. To be fair (or rather to try to excuse my tardiness) I have had a little issue with my shoulder and a considerable amount of pain that last weekend really came to a head and I made friends with Diazepam to help me to sleep. I was not functioning that well last weekend because of this. Anyway I hope to be able to have a bit of a photo fest in a couple of weeks when I have a week off the day job and hope to redeem myself (even if just a little).

I hope you are all ok and see you soon


Behind already :(

So week 1 of my photography challenge is already done and no picture!!! My bad…it has been a pretty rough weekend and I have simply not had time to spend getting a decent photo. I do however have plans to try to get it this week so hopefully I will be posting a picture or 2 soon. I am now also thinking about my topic for this week which is “favourite”

Now what could that lead me to take photos of?????


Saturday with my little lady 

First to the local cemetary to find conkers of which there were none 😞. We did find fir cones which we collected to make Christmas decorations one cold wet Sunday in the near future.  We found this tree that reminded us both of one of our favourite books “The Big Honey Hunt”. 

   Next we are off to get a bit of lunch and then my little surprise. Be back later xx