I am 42 years old and a full time respiratory nurse working in the community. I have been qualified for 20 years. My career spans acute nursing, cancer chemotherapy nursing and I have spent  7 years teaching nurses at the local university. I am married (for the second time!) to Tony and have 2 children Imogen (17) and Savannah (9).

Me and my gorgeous hubby

Me and my gorgeous hubby

My 2 beautiful girls

My 2 beautiful girls

In my spare time I love to sew both hand sewing and machine sewing. I knit very badly and have given up on crochet. I used to make jewellery and my beads can be found if you search Aururabeadz.

I also dabble in photography and have a Canon SX40 and a Nikon D3200 that my hubby bought me for Christmas 2013.

Over the past year I have also become a bit of a gym bunny and enjoy going for runs. I recently completed a 5K in 33 mins and am hoping to do a 10K next year if my joints hold out (I am also a hypochondriac). More recently Savannah has learned how to ride her bike without stabilisers and I have bought myself a Pashley (Google it they are divine!) and we go cycling as well.

Come along for the ride its good to have you along. A little warning tho I am prone to bouts of depression so sometimes can be a bit low or disappear off the radar, keep an eye out for me though I always come back 😉




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Sam,

    I hope you’re doing wellwith your busy schedule as a mom, nurse and creative artist. I have gone a very round-a-bout way to try to contact you since your Etsy shop and lampwork blog are no longer. About that, I was on Torchbugs today and spotted a bead of yours which has a mini-tutorial posted in your past (today not found) blog.

    Sam, can you e-mail me the mini-tutorial to the beads you posted about 2 yrs ago on Torchbugs?…or Sam, can you direct me to a website address where today I may locate this tutorial? I’ll try to paste a pic of the beads BELOW.

    I love the reaction (looks like a starburst) your glass made in these beads.

    Stay well,sweetie and be happy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.
    (See the beads to which I’d like your mini-tutorial)
    Pensacola, FL.
    No luck with pasting the pic of your beads…but here’s some info with your very own comment pertaining to the beads onTorchbugs:

    01-29-2009, 09:33 AM
    Junior Member Join Date: Jan 2009
    Location: Kent UK
    Posts: 25

    How did i make these???

    There is a mini tut on my blog!!! Link in my signature!!! hope no-one minds me putting something this simple here!!! It is just a lovely reaction!!!

    Sam,the web address to your above post is: http://www.torchbugs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=237

    • Neomi I am so sorry but for some strange reason I am unable to find the tutorial. If I remember rightly tho make a bead with a white base (or what ever colour but white worked well). use stringer in ink blue and put dots round the holes of the bead so 2 lines on the left and right of the bead 5 works well. melt in gently. round the centre of the bead not level with the ink blue place dots of rubino oro and melt in slowly. keep melting until you form the blue line down the bead you see in the picture. add dots on the rubino to add more depth. I will try to find another link for you but sadly lost the pictures on my old PC when it died!!! Glad you found me hope you will hang out with me from time to time xxx

      • Sam, you are unbelievable! For you to take out the time to find the mini-tutorial to the beads you posted in Torchbugs.com way back on Jan. 29, 2009 is so touching to me. You care!!! You’re a special lady, Sam. I hope those around you appreciate your sensitivity and warmth for others.

        Enjoy a life of good health and happiness.
        (Cinnamon on Torchbugs.com)

  2. Hi Sam, I just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart re your post on COPD – and for chosing to work as a respiratory nurse. I have severe COPD and use 02 for sleep as well as ambulatory. It frustrates me that respiratory generally and COPD in particular is so overlooked and underfunded. I didn’t realise anything was wrong with me until I was diagnosed at the severe stage about 6 years ago and when I was told I had COPD I didn’t have a clue what it was! I have got clued up since then and try to work to improve things in my own small way. I treasure my own resp. nurse – she understands this illness far better than my GP or even my consultant when it comes to actually living with it. Bless you all, and thank you once again, Vanessa Smith. (PS. I have a COPD blog if ever you have time to take a peek).

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