I finally managed some sewing!

I have a couple of days off and have not really got many plans. I should be studying but the sewing bug has bitten and I have made this today. I have an inordinate amount of stuff (read essential things ) in my handbag and a small make up bag that I keep it all in but it is not big enough so I needed a bigger bag. I have been wrestling with zips for some time and had kept this tutorial by Flossie Teacakes which brilliantly shows how to make a lovely zipped make up bag. I have tried it before with minimal success and today thought I would give it another go. I also found this tutorial by Terri which helped as well and between the 2 of them I finally made this. The corners with the zip are still not brilliant but I like it and practice makes perfect eh!


I have also discovered “Heat and Bond Vinyl” which has just got to be the most amazing invention ever. There are some really clear instructions here. I have used this on the inside of my make up bag so if there is a spillage of lip gloss or something then it is easy to clean up.



I carry:

  • plasters
  • safety pins
  • lip balm / gloss
  • hair bobbles
  • tissues
  • wet wipes
  • nail clippers
  • tweezers
  • paracetamol and brufen
  • small travel can deodorant
  • alcohol hand gel
  • face cream
  • shopping trolley token
  • compact mirror

Now can you see what I needed a bigger bag 🙂

Anyhoo, I hope you are all well, I am off to make another bag maybe my daughter will like it



2 thoughts on “I finally managed some sewing!

  1. Happy to hear my tutorial helped you! I haven’t made a zipper pouch in awhile, and you’ve got me in the mood again with your cute bag. Nice job! Once you get the hang of it, they can become addicting.

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