Thumb sucker

Savannah is a big thumb sucker and now at the age of 9 we are struggling to break the habit. Reminding her constantly is not working she simply does not know she is doing it most of the time.
Tony and I had not realised how much she wanted to stop until I was checking the history of the iPad and we discovered that Savannah had been searching ways of stopping thumb sucking. I had looked for aids to stop a couple of years ago and had found this plastic gadget priced at £50 and I would need 2 cos she sucks both thumbs. Anyway now we knew she was serious I thought I should try to help her using my sewing skills. As a nurse we use bandages for thumb injuries and they tie round the wristband I thought something similar would be good. Several versions of a pattern later and I have come up with this. To say that Savannah is pleased is an understatement and I hope it helps. At least it hasn’t cost me £50



Edited to add here’s a matching pair !!!



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