Bank Holiday Monday

And in true English style it is wet! Very wet!
So what to do on a wet Bank Holiday Monday? Well……I managed to drag my body out of bed and went to the gym for the first time in 3 weeks. I have not been feeling very motivated to go to the gym for a few reasons but mostly it is my one place that I go to that is for me and just lately it has not felt that it is my place to be. I have been quite low so did not want to force myself to do something I didn’t want to do so I have just had a little break. Tony went today to play squash so I decided to go along.

We got back about 11:30 and went to my parents house to feed the fish and water the plants as they are on holiday (my parents not the fish lol). We then visited Tony’s parents.

A brief visit to Tesco and the purchase of various ingredients and a couple of hours later we have sundried tomato bread to go with our lasagne tonight and Imogen has made cake pop lollies for pudding.



So that’s one way of spending a wet bank holiday together. Tony and Savannah are now watching Pacific Rim and Imogen is in her room before she makes lasagne (her speciality) for dinner this evening. Me? I’m just chilling on my iPad. What are you all up to?


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