Reculver Bike Ride

Day 2 of our holiday and today was the planned ride to Reculver. According to Google it is approximately an 8 mile ride along the promenade from Margate to Reculver. Savannah has only just learned how to ride a bike without stabilisers so we were a bit worried whether she could make it or not.

We set off from home at 10:15 and with quite a strong headwind cycled to Minnis Bay. This took 1 hour and 5 mins and was fairly hard work. Savannah decided she wanted to carry on to Reculver so we did and arrived there 2 hours after leaving home and after 1 hour and 45 minutes of riding.

Panorama at Reculver

Panorama at Reculver

After a break for food and toilet and a look around the ruins we started off for home and what a difference. 1 hour and 12 mins later we arrived back at our front door.

I rode my Pashley today for the first long ride since I bought it. It is such a dream to ride. It is heavy to pick up and get in and out of my house but not excessively so and I manage ok. It is challenging in the wind as I am basically a wind break with the basket on the front but once I had got used to this cycling was not a problem albeit a bit on the hard side facing into the wind. Cycling home was much more pleasurable. I used my Map my Fitness app on my iPhone and we averaged 5.4 mph on the way to Reculver and 7.9mph on the way home. The whole journey was a little short of 20 miles and Savannah did amazingly well.

Savannah at Reculver Towers

Savannah at Reculver Towers

IMG_2836 IMG_2835

Pashley Sovereign

Pashley Sovereign


Sadly Imogen did not want to join us today as she is not a fan of cycling but we will return to the sea wall between Minnis Bay and Reculver as there were some fab photography opportunities there to be had.

Day 3 tomorrow and off to Broadstairs Water Gala



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