The running bug!

I have a confession. My name is Sam and I am addicted to running!!! There was a moment back there when I thought I would not be able to run as my hips and knees hurt so much but I stopped running for 6 weeks and just concentrated on walking and then 2 weeks ago I thought I would run for a couple of minutes to see how I went. 2 weeks later I have managed to run constantly for 33 minutes and have done my first 5K in 38:44 mins. 5 of them were at the beginning to warm up.

Now I have the running bug and I want to go out for a run all the time!

In 35 days I am doing Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research. My aim is to run the whole distance. I would like to do it in 30 mins. Not sure if that is doable but I have a goal. 35 mins would be good 30 would be awesome.

If you would like to sponsor me please go here

Thank you



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