My new overlocker!



Now I posted recently that I had bought an overlocker. Well I have finally had time to do some stuff on it and OMG it is fab! I don’t think for one moment that I am using it to its most but I have found it fab for the few things I have used it for.

What have a made with it? Well a friend wanted me to make a large bag to hold a cushion for her mum so I made it completely using the overlocker (sorry did not think to take pictures!)

I have made Savannah a couple of items of clothing and used it to serge the edges. I have also repurposed a friends table cloths for his restaurant into table runners using a very scrummy rolled hem which looks quite professional.

I have posted a little picture of my overlocker for you to look at, apologies it is a little blurry but I think you can see it all ok. I spent some time with a fab lady in the Tunbridge Wells shop of The World Of Sewing and she very kindly demonstrated machines for me. She patiently talked me through the pro’s and cons of different overlockers and I would highly recommend going there for much much more than simply buying an overlocker.

So far so good I wonder what else I can make with it.

Happy Easter BTW I hope you are all well and having a restful break with your families and friends.



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