OMG I have an overlocker!!!

Apparently sales of these have gone through the roof because of the Great British Sewing Bee. I was not sure if I would actually ever really need one then i discovered what they can do and as I am going to try to make the step into making clothing it will come in handy. I hope very much to be able to show you some pictures of things I have done with it very soon. At the moment I am concentrating on learning how to thread it!!!!

It has also prompted a good clear up of my work area as I need to house it somewhere so it is always ready to go. May try to get some pictures later.

I hope you are all well and for the Mum’s out there I hope you all had a lovely Mothering Sunday.

TTFN xxx


One thought on “OMG I have an overlocker!!!

  1. Awesome – I bought one last week. Scary looking isn’t it! Best bit of advice I’ve had is that once it’s threaded, when you want to change simply knot the new thread on and pull it through. It makes it far, far quicker:)

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