Why don’t we care?

I have just watched a woman park her car in the tiniest of spaces in the street where I live. Now firstly credit to her for getting it into the space BUT….she did hit the car behind 3 times. I watched her get her belongings out of the boot and start to walk off so I challenged her! I asked if she was even going to check for damage to the other vehicle and she told me I should have not parked so badly. When informed that the other vehicle was not mine she asked me why it even mattered. Things got a bit fraught and I ended the conversation by going back into my house. I must have touched a nerve as she returned soon after saying that she had spoken to the owner of the vehicle and let them know what had happened.

There was actually no damage but the principle (in my head) was that she should have explicitly checked for damage and made the effort to find the owner and explain. She only did this as in my mind she had been caught red handed.

Broad sweeping statement coming up but now I am worried about retribution and potential future damage to my car or house.

This has all led me to thinking about fundamental issues in society. We simply don’t care anymore. I am a nurse and I care every day of my life. I care about my patients, their families and carers. I care about my husband and children. I care about my work colleagues and my friends. Even though I don’t get on with a couple of my neighbours I still care. I get upset when the media talks about how uncaring the NHS is and then something like this happens and I realise society and community just don’t care.

Definition of caring: Displaying kindness and concern for others.

Definition of community: a social unit of any size that shares common values.

The sad and awful truth is many people just don’t care. OK big things happen like a person going missing and then we all pull together but on a day to day basis with no extreme situation causing a shared goal we meander along in our selfish lives giving little consideration to those around us. I don’t know how, when or why this has happened but it makes me very sad.



2 thoughts on “Why don’t we care?

  1. It’s true that ‘many people’ don’t care, but also ‘many people’ do care. We just have to focus on the positive and set good examples to those who are less caring than others.

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