Healthy eating


So Savannah has developed a mystery stomach problem. I have excluded psychological causes and there does not seem to be a common pattern such as following food although there is some association with eating but mostly it happens randomly. We saw the GP on Tuesday and he wants to exclude a urine infection but we also think there may be an issue with constipation.

I had to get a urine specimen off of Savannah which was quite funny and then we had a chat about drinking mo fluids and eating more healthy. I have to take considerable blame here for her poor eating habits. As her mother I should encourage her more as I know she is a poor drinker and that she has a tendency to constipation.

So, I decided I would cook one of Imogen’s favourite meals which you can see pictured above. It is more of a summer salad but has quite a bit of veg in it. Quite simply it is whole wheat pasta, bacon lardons, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, mushrooms all chopped up (cooked where appropriate) and mixed together with mayonnaise. Goes down a treat I can tell you and is a good way of getting veg down the girls. Sometimes I add pepper and radish and sweet corn, get all the different colours in there.

I hope you are all well


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