Another parenting dilemma

So I have a 15 year old daughter who drinks with her friends. I know this because she is completely up front and honest with me and I won’t let her treat me like I came down with the last rain shower. I was 15 once too!!!
She went to a Halloween party with a group of friends at a friends house (his parents were also present) and got a bit tipsy. Nothing outrageous actually it was a little amusing to see her trying not to be tipsy. She tried to blame it on the sugar they had consumed….I simply rolled my eyes.
But to my dilemma…..I know teenagers are going to try alcohol, for goodness sake I used to go roller skating at the roller disco drunk on pear wine (bleurgh!!!!) most Saturday nights but there is so much in the press about counterfeit alcohol that as a parent I am worried. Do I ban her from drinking and how on earth do I police that? Or do I do something a little more radical and likely to be met with horror? Do I buy her alcohol for her? At least then I know she is drinking a trustworthy brand that is not likely to make her blind or shred her guts so she ends up with some awful surgery.
Banning her is unlikely to work. Quite simply that is a red rag to the bull. Ban them from doing it and the challenge is to do it to see if they can get away with it. Get one over the oldies so to speak. I don’t want to condone underage drinking but I want her to be safe. I have taught her about the dangers with alcohol and that it is a substance that should be treated with respect but kids will be kids no matter how much I drill it into her. I just want her to be safe. She does have small amounts of alcohol under my supervision at family events and important meals and sometimes with Sunday roast. I believe that those living in Europe have it right, let them try alcohol from an early age. Do they have problems with teenage binge drinking, maybe but not like us Brits do. I don’t want her to binge drink, I want her to have fun, enjoy a drink, know when to stop and most of all be safe to drink again another day.
This parenting malarkey is a toughie
For more information on counterfeit alcohol follow go here



2 thoughts on “Another parenting dilemma

  1. Hunny i know how you feel. Gee goes to parties but after one bad experience she decided that she wouldnt drink unless around VERY sensible adults. she decided it isnt needed to have a good night when in teenage company, some friends think she is a goody two shoes because of her attitude towards alcohol. At christmas,special occasions and sunday lunches she does have the offer of a glass or three, usually she refuses!!! As for the counterfiet bottles these are in local off licenses so be careful if you decided to buy for her, not sure it would be something i would not be comfortable doing for Gee on a regular basis, but that’s my personal view. Also i dont allow her to go to random house parties, not that i dont trust her… it’s what others might have or spike etc etc. ( she does the moody attitude about it but thats just tough) Totally agree the europeans do have the answer and do not have the teen binge drinking we have.

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