Out for a walk

Savannah has been busting my head to go for a walk to the cemetery. That is not as morbid as it sounds. There is lots of nature to be seen up there and some of the graveyard is very very old and some of the stones and tombs are very beautiful.

We pottered off up there this morning once the sun had finally decided it was coming out and I took my camera with me. I thought I would share some of the photos with you.

I really like this photo. I want to call it “Angels in Waiting”. I am not sure what they are waiting for but they all look like they are.

There were a few squirrels to be seen whilst we were walking around and surprisingly they were very very tame. We soon found out why when we bumped into a chap taking pictures and feeding them monkey nuts from his pockets. He told us that they would sometimes take the food from your hand so Tony tried and got bit for his troubles but they were certainly very willing to come up close to us.

There were also a bunch of rooks around. At least I think they were rooks. I always remember my mum saying the “if you see a rook on its own its a crow and if you see crows together they are usually rooks”. I have no idea if this is true or not but I do remember that rooks live in a Rookery and crows are solitary creatures and as there were a bunch of these together I am assuming they are rooks.So anyway after an hour or so we realised that it was actually quite cold so we left the squirrels and rooks alone and came home for a lovely cup of hot chocolate and warmed ourselves up.



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