Catching up with our Swiss contingent

(left to right: Susanne, Shaun, Tony, Savannah, Jason, me (at the front), Imogen and Keith)

The Swiss contingent of the Halliwell family made it over to England this week for a little holiday. As always it was lovely to catch up with them. Sunday evening we had a fantastic fondue with them and Savannah made firm friends with Susanne. Tuesday evening they came round for a couple of hours and poor Susanne had her ears chewed off all evening by Savannah who just commanded attention as always.

On Thursday evening we went out for a meal and had a lovely evening again. It all goes too fast and soon enough they were on their way home BUT we have managed to sort out our holiday for next summer so (provided I can get the time off) we are going to Switzerland for our summer holiday next July. We are taking the camper and pitching on a plot of land next to Keith and Susanne’s house and will be able to spend some time with them. There was talk of the Eiger and mountain climbing as well as swimming in lakes and streams and OMG I am already very excited to be going.



One thought on “Catching up with our Swiss contingent

  1. I am searching for the family named Halliwell who lived in Margate. My brother’s name is Donald and his wife is called Beatrice. They have 4 children called Steve, Donna, Keith and Tony. I wonder if you are part of this family as I know that Keith went to Switzerland to work. I am keen to contact my brother. I would be grateful for any help you may be able to give. Catherine Hunter

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