For those of you who keep up with my musings and general ramblings you will have noticed that I have a new badge on the side of my blog page. This is the badge for Britmums.

“BritMums is the UK’s largest and most influential network of parent bloggers. Our mission is to encourage and support bloggers and the high quality, ethical blogging they do. We’re passionate about it. We started life in 2008 when founder and former marketing executive Susanna Scott — inspired by the burgeoning number of parent bloggers — created a social networking site where we could talk about our blogs and parenthood.”

There is lots and lots of support for blogging parents through this network and I have not yet fully managed to explore the site but if you are UK based and have a blog and children then this could be worth you joining.

To all the Britmums bloggers who have found my blog – hi and welcome along. I hope you pop in now and again to see what I am up to. I am looking forward to meeting so many new friends and read about what other people are getting up to. To the people who already follow me maybe go over to Britmums and have a look



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