Where do you buy skeletons from?

…..The skeleton shop of course.

How silly of me not to know the answer to that question. I was put right by my 7 year old in the middle of Canterbury High Street today whilst we had a wander around. She had decided that she would quite like a skeleton for home to look at and she knew I was not going to be able to buy one in town so she suggested to me that I should buy one online. Her response to my obvious question caused wry smiles from the lady walking past us who had heard the conversation.

Now, in an attempt not to be beaten by a 7 year old, I decided that I would indeed google “skeleton shop” and this duly appeared “The Anatomical Shop” and now I am having thoughts for Savannah for Christmas presents. Hubby was not so impressed by the idea and was even less so when I showed him the picture of the torso model that you can buy and remove all of its innards. Must just be the nurse in me, can’t see a problem with sharing that over lunch!!!!!

So you can actually buy skeletons from the skeleton shop and Savannah is really quite smug that she knew the answer to a quite honestly dumb question.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday, I must be off now time to think about evening meal.




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