Heat / Ice pack

I have had to take a couple of days off work with awful muscle spasms in my back. It is right at the base of my lung on the left hand side and boy when the spasm occurs do I know about it. When the spasms occur they literally take my breathe away and I have been know to make pathetic wimpy noises when they occur as well!!!!!! There is no warning or pattern but some things make it worse like getting into the passenger seat of the car. Getting into the drivers seat is fine or it was yesterday I have not tried today!!!

Anyway I can’t take anti-inflammatory meds so I am left with paracetamol. TBH it is not a pain that paracetamol can help with so I am stuck with resting and moving in equal amounts to try to stretch the offending muscle. I know that heat and ice can help so I have made myself a little heat / ice pack. I have made these before but I made huge beasties and I wanted something a little smaller and et voila.

30 seconds in the microwave or a couple of hours in the freezer and its all ready to help with your pain. Personally I prefer heat but cold is a recognised therapy as well. The filling is plain old long grain rice.

What do you think then? I am off to sit quietly for a while with my heat pack in situ. Fingers crossed it helps cos I hate taking time off especially with something as silly as a muscle spasm


Further thoughts…..this does not have to be for aches and pains, I have just realised that I can use these when I am camping to heat my hands up. Well I could if I had a little microwave with me. Mmmmm next thing on the camping list – a little microwave 😉


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