Getting ready for the dreaded return to school.

Not for me you understand but dreaded by all kids. I love the summer holidays but as I generally have to work much of it it can be a nightmare for childcare. Today I have bought most of the uniform stuff needed by both girls. I thought I would get in fairly early before the shops go crazy and everything sells out. Savannah is mostly done, Imogen still needs trousers and shoes but of course 15 year olds don’t want any old school uniform trousers….no……they have to be a specific style and fabric and really really hard to find.

What I have bought is now in the washing machine getting the newness out of them and I have just printed my own fabric labels to sew into the youngest ones stuff. This is a fab idea and you can buy the fabric for inkjet printing here. Just gotta sew it all on now bleurgh!

Whilst I am at it (and can you tell I am procrastinating as I have an essay to write still) I will make Savannah a drawstring bag for her PE kit I have loads of fabric to make her one with and it will be nice and unique for her to take to school. Also means it will be easy for her to find at PE time and maybe lost PE kit will become a thing of the past (yeah right!!!)

Right I am off to have a look around and see what other people are doing getting ready for back to school



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