Playing with Colour

Seriously hoping I haven’t bored anyone yet but I am discovering so many things with my camera. And what about this for an effect then?

ImageI bought Photoshop when I got my Mac and honestly I struggle to understand it and one of the effects I have always wanted to achieve was the “shot of colour in the black and white photo” look. Couple of button presses and you can achieve this. OK so it is not perfect, if you look closely you can see other tinges of colour, I think this is where the grass was a little brown or the ground was visible and it registered on the spectrum of colour I set but nonetheless what an awesome effect and with no photoshopping in sight.

This is what I am trying to aspire to. I want to be able to take a photo and present it to my audience with minimal electronic fiddling. Call me old fashioned, call me boring. Isn’t the setting up and the composition and the right moment what taking a good photo is about? Yes Photoshop definitely has its place but the skill in photography and the art of setting up that shot is getting lost in the electronic wizardry. I realise those comments may upset a few people and don;t get me wrong I will learn how to use Photoshop but I also want to be able to take a good picture without any electronic help. Is that so wrong???

Anyway enough profoundness I am off an important football match and good friends await my company.



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