OMG awesome zoom!!!

In case you didn’t know I have a new camera. For those interested it is a Canon Powershot SX40 HS and it has the most awesome zoom on it. Please ignore the quality of thenext photos you see, the weather was bad and I did not have a tripod with me so it was hard to remain stable.

This first photo shows the normal view with no zoom. You can’t see it to well if at all but you have to believe me that the horizon has a ship and wind turbines. This is shot off the coast at Herne Bay so locals will know these do exist.

These 2 pictures are on full 35x zoom and show the wind turbines and the writing on the ship. OMG how fab is that I hear you say. Well here is another example.

This is shot from the same spot looking back towards Reculver Towers. You can’t really see them but the bit of land that juts out in the middle of the photo is where the towers are. Again on a clearer day you would be more able to see them but it was quite murky yesterday.

Full zoom and ta dah! there are the towers.

I am truly impressed with this camera. I have a lot to learn and sincerely hope that the quality of my pictures will improve vastly, both me and my hubby can go out taking pictures now, something for us to do together, some quality husband and wife time and of course the girls will be with us and will be able to enjoy some gorgeous countryside. And best of all much of it will be free…now bring on the sun please.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. We are relaxing today and I am cooking a scrummy roast chicken dinner before visiting friends this evening so I shall bid you all TTFN xxxx


2 thoughts on “OMG awesome zoom!!!

  1. Wow – fabulous new camera Sam – now green with envy and desire. I’d like a Nikon 1, nice to dream though… xxx

    • LOL my husband has identified his next camera a Nikon D300 I think it is !!! Nikon are nice cameras I nearly got a P510 but couldn’t hold out as there seems to be a stock issue with it!!! But the Canon is definitely a nice camera x

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