poppies by Samantha Halliwell
poppies, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

I have a new camera. It is a Canon Powershot SX 40 HS. It is a bridge camera between point and shoot and a DSLR and I am trying to learn how to set it manually so I don’t have to rely on the Auto mode.
These poppies were shot in Auto mode and it is a fair shot but there are so many more things I want to be able to do with a picture. I have Photoshop but struggle to understand it so to learn how to set my shots up so minimal tweaking is needed post camera shoot is my ideal aim.
Other news I have finally sat my exam for my COPD module so I just have an essay to write and am currently searching for the literature to support my work and then reading. I am off to France soon so I want to try to get all the reading done before I go and knuckle down to writing when I get back.

Anyway I hope you are all well and I will see you all soon


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