Blimey where has the time gone????????

Good grief, it is the 8th June already, where has the time gone?

Huge apologies for my lack of posts of late I have been otherwise distracted with various things. Some nice some not so but I will not be boring you with the minutiae. I am studying though! I have an exam on the 18th June for the COPD module I am doing and then I have an an essay to write. I am kind of hoping that I can knock a large part of the essay on the head before I potter off on my summer hols at the end of July but knowing how I roll that is unlikely LOL.

Currently my husband is out at the swimming pool with my youngest daughter to give me the space I need to study in peace and I have successfully completed the final 3 modules so now I need to get on with revising. My eldest daughter, who has just had her 15th birthday and yet again the theme of time marching on slaps me hard around the face, is off out with her dad this weekend so it is just lil ole me sat at home trying to study.

I do tend to procrastinate a bit at times and on one of my many periods of internet surfing I have found this amazing blog. I think I may have introduced some of you to it before but I love it and think I can safely say I am a bit addicted to it. I love the way it is written and how it looks and everything. Pop over to see Kate in her Creative Space

Anyhoo, enough procrastinating again I have huge amounts of reading to do and there is something about the wind today that is calling me out to do a bit of photography I wonder when my husband will be home ?????



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