I have to show this to my husband!

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.
George Matthew Allen

Tony is always (nicely) taking the mickey out of my many hobbies and interests. I knit and sew currently. I have done lampwork in the past and made my own jewellery, I use PMC and Silver Art Clay also. I have tried my hand at Fimo and Scupley and crochet most recently and am currently looking at a bit of felting.

I have tried to make my own cards in the past with little success I struggle to come up with design ideas so stopped trying to do that very quickly.

The running theme here is that I appear to skip from one hobby to another which could be viewed by some as me lacking in perseverance. Personally I see it as continually striving to learn a new skill or to further an established skill by use of another medium etc. In the words of Mr Allen though I will live long and be happy. You know what my hobbies are the things that affect me a lot. I use them for time out, for relaxation, for distraction but mostly because I love being crafty



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