Happy New year and the dreaded new year resolution fest begins…

As many people do, the end of the old year usually finds me contemplating what I have and have not done and what I would like to do in the new year. Some of these things are selfish like please could I be rich, some are unobtainable like please could I be rich, some are universally known like please could we have world peace etc. I would like to take some time though to be a realist and think about the year past and the year to come.

2011 began quietly for me. Psychologically not a brilliant beginning to the year struggling with what I now think may be a touch of  I hate winter syndrome. Spring bought a new job which I started in June and still totally love now. I was apprehensive I admit for reasons I cannot go into and I do not fully understand but all unfounded and I am a seriously happy bunny in my work life. This is a fab feeling it has been so long since I have felt that good about getting up and going to work I can tell you.

Tony, Imogen Savannah and myself have our health which I am always grateful for. My parents and my sisters and their respective families are generally well and healthy again thank goodness.

Imogen has started working towards her GCSE’s and is beginning to think about 6th form stuff. Savannah was Mary in the school nativity which was awesome to watch bless her. We have some amazing friends around us who are fun to be with, supportive and just good friends too.

Financially things are quite a struggle and to be honest I think will be for a considerable time to come. At least I have a regular wage coming in which does not quite meet all our commitments but does relieve the pressure on Tony somewhat with his self employed status, we are in a better position than some.

What will 2012 bring. Hopefully continued health and well being for us, our families and friends. I would like to be more stable money wise but I think this year is going to be proper tough. We have our holiday booked for the summer I just got to hope I can get the time off now due to the Olympics.

I am going back to school ….I am doing a degree module related to my job from February, this will be a challenge it has been a while since I have done any formal studying and essay writing so I have to knuckle down a bit. Tony is being fab and supportive which is brilliant. Once this one is under my belt and I am back into the swing of study I guess I will revisit my MSc and get back on track with that. Sadly all the credits I acquired have expired so I need to start again but at least I know what it will be like having done MSc level study previously!

As for the dreaded resolution. I am terrible to keeping these and I find myself thinking about advice I give to patients. When setting goals for yourself they need to be achievable so that you know you cannot fail. Feeling a failure is just the worst feeling going so I am not setting any specific goals or resolutions that will be broken before the end of day one of the New Year. I will however like a motto or something similar that I can use to live by. I have some of these already depending on the situation but they are rather negative in their tone so new ones are required. This simplest and most obvious one to start I guess would be Live for Today. So that’s where I will begin my new year, living for today.

Finally I wish that you all have a fantastic safe and happy New Year. I hope that 2012 is a good year for you all, that you remain healthy, that your families stay well also and that at least one of your dreams comes true.

Here’s to 2012



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