80’s retro and no this is NOT a mid life crisis

I have taken up roller skating again. I used to skate loads back in the 80’s and early 90’s…..quads not that inline rubbish, proper skates!!! I am on a get fit and keep fit regime and I decided to skate cos I can’t run or rather don’t want to run and cycling hurts my butt so I thought skating would be a good compromise. So…2 or 3 nights a week (weather permitting) I go skating round my local area. Yes I am probably gonna raise a few eyebrows and already I have had comments about a mid life crisis (have I told you I am 40 in 12 days ;o) ) but I can firmly and categorically reassure you this is NOT a midlife crisis but a woman who wants to stop whinging about how she looks and do something positive about it….and you know what I am having fun.

Anyhoo…skates are calling me I will post piccies soon of me in my fab 80’s retro pink and white skates (they are sooo scrummy I can tell ya!)



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