I love gingham!

P1040622 by Samantha Halliwell
P1040622, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

OMG I never thought I would hear myself say that but I do. I have a MASSIVE apology to make. It has been so darned long since I blogged that I bet you all thought I had disappeared forever! LOL – no such luck. Here I am.  I have been MIA cos I started my new job which I am loving but I work Monday to Friday now office hours and had not realised how much that cut into my computer and blogging time. Now that I am getting settled I should be able to get into a routine and it won’t be so long in future before my next post.

Anyhoo what else have I been up to? Pillows and cushions. The gingham heart you can see is part of a design I have made for a pillow slip I was asked to make for a friend. The fabric is from my most fav current fabric supplier Fabric Rehab, called the Yummy Mummy Vintage Rose and Gingham Bundle. I wonder if Tony would mind it as bunting for the camper.

Speaking of camper we are off on our hols soon. Not long at all. I am sooo looking forward to  a break. We are going to the South of France with some friends camping and are going to have a fantastic time. Hope the weather is way better than it was in Camber a few weeks ago. That was rough…extreme camping we called it!

How are you all? I do love hearing about what you are all up to so don’t forget to leave me a comment, tell me what your summer plans are?

TTFN xxx


5 thoughts on “I love gingham!

  1. Hi Samantha, found you by a rather roundabout route – you left a review on Cookson’s metals about PMC sanding…then I checked your esty shop and here I am…anyway…I wondered if you are still doing it, I realsie you now are working full time and have closed your etsy shop, just as I was opening mine a month ago.
    The reason I ask is, if you have moved off into the realms of applique etc, lovin’ your gingham post! – are you no longer in need of your kit, or have you any 2nd hand stuff you’d like to sell. I am a trained jewellery manufacturer, but did it all 20 odd yrs ago (no PMC then) and had to give it up before I managed to collect more than the basic kit required for college. So I have hand tools, solder torch – mini, and various other saws, files, soldering block etc – could all these tools be used in the making and finishing of PMC and what would you recommend I buy to begin with. (I did some lost wax casting, but REALLY don’t want to go down that route again.)
    I’m only selling beaded earrings and bracelets so not too inspiring, not even soldering yet…but I have a TON of designs for producing silver jewellery but need to avoid the backbreaking labour involved in working directly in metal. I love the idea of PMC, even though it seems quite expensive. I guess it’s high tech and the price of silver has gone up hugely too. No doubt the scrap in value of any ‘mistakes’ would be ok as it is pure silver once fired.

    Anyway, I hope you are still enjoying your new job, and have found time in your busy shedule to check your blog comments! Otherwise this is going off into the ether to no avail…would love to hear from you. Your can convo me on esty http://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaDeluxe or email me at lisa@deluxejewellery.co.uk or my facebook LisaDeluxe (I have an avatar of my logo.) http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=211173858936352&id=207445699309168#!/pages/LisaDeluxe/207445699309168

    TTFN xxxx Lisa xxxx
    PS: My blog is on my retail jewellery website, deluxejewellery.co.uk but the costume jewelelry stock therein is NOTHING like I’d like to be making for esty, so don’t be put off. I’m just trying to earn in mainstream to fund my passions elsewhere – as a fellow artisan I know you’ll get it!!

    • Hi Lisa, glad you found me and thank you for your lovely comments. I have sold everything I had already but if you are going down the PMC route I would stringly recommend looking at Cool Tool in USA their website is awesome and I bought loads of stuff from them. Good service, fast delivery and just loverly stuff.
      Thank you for your links will check them out
      Good luck in your venture as well I am looking forward to seeing what you make
      Sam x

  2. Hi Samantha,
    Thanks so much for relplying. And for the company you suggested – I’ll have a look.
    Hope you’ll be putting your sewing into etsy so I can see what you are creating now…you seemed to have a lovely selection in your sold items – of jewellery that is. Just wondered, why the shift? Was it just too darn difficult to make any headway in jewellery, some phenominal talent out there and selling themselves way too cheap which makes competing really tough – and to really made enough money for all the time involved in creating in metal not to mention the overheads. PMC is expensive!
    I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was your review that had the 10-80-10 ratio in it for the amount of finisihng time a piece needs. So true.

    I still have not decided which direction to take – I’m going to review all my jewellery designs and work out which could be made in clay – I could even invest in some custom made moulds for some of my leaves which previously I would cut out of sheet silver, but if you are anything like me, you’ve already taken up different hobbies and then got distracted by new ones, I could stock a craft shop with the amount of ‘stuff’ I’ve collected! Currently – as my esty shop will show – I have tons of crystals and beads and am only stringing memory wire and making simple wire wrap earrings, but I know I need a niche. Some thing that is uniquely mine. So hard!

    I know you are a busy full time mum, so maybe kids (and full time job) needs are using up all your energies, mine has flown the coup, sad, but it does make ones mind review life in a whole new way.
    Anyway, best of luck in whatever you do, thanks again.

    TTFN! Love Lisa x

    • Hi Lisa,
      thank you for your lovely comments about my beads. I shifted for practical reasons not enough time when I was doing shift work and my husband got made redundant and the money came in handy. I had also used up my mojo and it was slow in returning! I thought I would do PMC for a while and whilst I still hanker for that it is so expensive so it is on the backburner for a few years until kids are older and less pressure on money!
      I really love sewing and find ideas come easier and you can do it in between other jobs so not quite as time intensive as the lampworking. Dont pressure yourself your “niche” will happen just experience everything else wire wrapping looks so very beautiful and is a fab skill to have so nothing is wasted
      Good luck to you too stay in touch xxx

  3. After a look at Cool Tool, I watched a few of their vidoes (and still like the look of it all, although now have a list of prerequisites getting longer the more I know,) I eventually came upon some glass lampworking on youtube. It does look time consuming and I can see why, with all you are doing, time would be an issue. Considering some (a small amount) of the mystique is now lifted from my knowledge of the process, handmade bead sellers considerably undercharge for these beautiful creations. I would guess the kit is quite dear to set up, and then the supplies needed, so wonder how people doing this for a iving actually make anything at all. With your flame constantly buring the whole time, gas must cost you too.
    One thing – if sellers of finished jewellery don’t sell, at least suppliers of the beads, stones and findings they need still fair well. As people are constantly ‘growing’ their collections. I’ve even bought items from charity shops to ‘up-cycle’ into new items, but I need to shift some products now as whenever a person buys something you’ve made – it really bouys you up and does get your creative juices going again, if you are constantly making but not selling, I get bored and want to try something new. Havoc on the cash flow side of things! – I really need to reign myself in and concentrate on using the supplies I already have.
    Love your sunset pic! Thanks for the encouragement!
    TTFN xxxLisa xxx

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