Button flower cushion

I have been collecting buttons for some time now and thought it would be rather funky to use a whole bunch of them to make a cushion. The cushion measures 12″ x 12″ and is totally handwashable (with a bit of care). Fabric is prewashed before I made it. I am very pleased with it and the texture from the buttons is fab making it a strangely strokeable cushion. Is strokeable even a word LOL?
I have a whole bunch of pink buttons on order and can see a button fetish kicking of and more of these cushions popping up.
I am currently having a few days off work between jobs. My new job starts on Monday and I am quite excited and a little apprehensive but am really looking forward to getting into a new challenge.
Hope you are all well, have a lovely weekend guys


4 thoughts on “Button flower cushion

  1. Hi Sam, lovely cushion. I met you with the diabetic nurse last Thursday. I wondered if you would be interested in giving me a one to one workshop in glass bead making? I have the materials but have never tried this before so I’m a bit nervous of making my first one. You have my card. I would be really grateful if you could contact me to let me know if this would be possible and how much you would charge. Thank you!

  2. Oh.BTW..forgot to say, I am totally in awe of you for being able to make glass lampwork beads! Your ‘pretty woman’ ones MADE me send you a convo! Maybe it’s because their construction is completely unknown to me, but what a talent to have. Hope you took up the lady aboves request for a workshop, and charged her as it is a fabulous skill to have.
    Q: Are you still doing it as I would love to design my jewellery around some really unique focal beads?
    Cheers Lisa x

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