Grrrr……zips, corners and make up bags

Grrr….. I am not having a good time with these. I seem to remember being told at school (in textiles many eons ago) that covering the ends of your zips was a good idea, makes the zip look neater. And miracle of miracles I even vaguely recall how to do it and it ain’t rocket science. So I have decided to make some little zip bags that can be used for coin purses or slightly bigger ones for make up and even pencil cases. Can I get my zips to look neat????? NO!!!!!

Guessing photos may help you understand my problem

Yuk look at those bulky ends. I have pottered around the net looking at tuts and can’t see that I have done anything “wrong” or out of the ordinary so why are my ends so awful!!!

The larger bag looks kinda ok in the photo but I am so unhappy with it I would not dream of selling it!!! Any suggestions gratefully received. Final picture of my awful zip work

Actually I wonder if the type of zip is one of the reasons that the smaller bag looks wrong. It is a concealed zip and I only just realised. Mmmm…wonder if I have enough time now before work to make another with a different zip???

Please help



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