Fabric Suppliers

I have had quite a few comments about where I get my material from so I thought I would do a post sharing a few of my fav suppliers.

First up Seamstar. A lovely variety of fabrics with excellent fast service and always wrapped beautifully with a little ribbon that you can use in things you make. Material is available from fat quarter size upwards and is just a lovely site to visit and drool over.

Second up is Gone to Earth This was one of the first websites i visited for material. Again their service is prompt and there is a fantastic selection of material and haberdashery. They also have a flickr album for things you make and a blog with ideas and stuff on for you to look at. Well worth a look.

My current huge fav is Fabric Rehab. OMG what a fab selection of fabrics. Like most websites fabric is available from fat quarter size upwards. I have found this site brilliant for material more suited for boys. Once again I have never had a problem with their fast service.

These are the 3 sites I use most. In fact I rarely buy from high street shops now, one cos they are few and far between and 2 because I like to be able to browse with the pressure of having to hurry up and / or buy something. I have also found that if I see something that someone has made they are (usually) very happy to tell you where they got their material from. I take it as a compliment if someone likes something I have made enough to want to buy the same material themselves!

Right best be off The Apprentice starts shortly !!!



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