wolves at wildwood

wolves at wildwood by Samantha Halliwell
wolves at wildwood, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

Hiya guys. What did you do today for your Good Friday? Tony and I took the girls to Wildwood nr Canterbury and had a lovely time. As usual with zoos and wildlife parks not all of the animals were easy to see but I was really lucky today to get some gorgeous shots of the wolves. Tony is still teaching me the principles of photography and today I learned how to take photos of animals with a fence between you and them without the fence being to obvious. I adore wolves and have been lucky enough to go to a wolf howl in Algonquin in Canada. We stood in the pitch black and listened as a man called to the wolves and the wild wolves called back. You could even hear the pups yipping. That had to be one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. Apparently Wildwood do some night time events where you may be able to hear the wolves howling so I must check that out cos I think Tony and the girls would love it.
Tomorrow we are going to Camber Sands to check out a camp site there where we are planning to go in June, hopefully the weather will be as fab as it has been today.
Happy Easter to you all, don’t eat to much chocolate eh ;o)


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