Boys Crayon Roll

Boys Crayon Roll by Samantha Halliwell
Boys Crayon Roll, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

I have fantastic news. I have a new job. Many, many reasons for applying and just fab to have got it! I will miss my friends on the ward where I work at the moment but I am really looking forward to getting to work with patients with long term conditions and building up a rapport with them that means I can help them live the life they want, and try to be proactive in reducing hospital admissions so their quality of life is better. And as an aside it is a more sociable job I won’t be working weekends or late shifts and I won’t have to get up at 6 am for an early. I am quite excited :o)
Other news then sun is shining, it is not quite as warm today as it has been but who cares the sun is out. I am a little sad this morning cos Savannah and I were growing sunflowers and this morning I discovered that the rabbits had found them and eaten them so no more sunflowers. Will buy some seeds and start again.
The picture you can see here is my crayon roll. This one is for the boys, made with a gorgeous animal print fabric and blue cord pockets. It holds 24 crayons and I am selling this. I hope to be sorting an Etsy shop very soon so this will be for sale there. I have material to make girly ones as well so expect to see more of these real soon. Oh and the crayons are included in the price!
Happy Saturday to you all, be sensible in the sun unlike my eldest daughter who was traditionally British yesterday. First sign of the sun and she has got sunburnt shoulders. Protect your skin from the sun but enjoy it all the same guys.
TTFN xxx


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