Online forums and networking

I remember a time when there was no Internet and online forums but in a very quick time these have become the most fantastic way of meeting like minded people with similar interests. They are fab for support, for gossipping, for learning and generally having fun. I thought I would introduce you to 4 of my favourite forums.

First up is Frit Happens. This wonderful forum is the first one I ever truly got involved with during my lampworking journey. The guys on here are a truly amazing bunch. Many of them I can truly count among my friends. I have been lucky enough to meet many of them in person through events such as Flame Off and meets as peoples houses. This forum is not exclusively for lampworkers and fusers but also people who make jewellery using handmade glass beads, silver workers, seed bead jewellery makers, PMC and art clay and many many other things. I totally recommend having a look at this forum. Despite the fact that I am not currently making glass beads I still pop in and when I went through my really tough patch 2 years ago they were so very supportive and kept me going with their amazing kindness. I LOVE FRIT HAPPENS.

Second is Bead Buddies this fantastic bunch of people are jewellery makers and glass workers again. Very similar population to Frit Happens but more focused on different media and not just glass. Again I have many friends on this forum and the work that I look at is stunning. I continue to be amazed at the seed beaders work, I have tried that and failed miserably!!!

The third forum is a relatively new forum started by my friend Jolene who I made the rag doll for. Craft Pimp is for the many different crafts that people are involved in from photography to jewellery to fabrics, fusing, clay and ceramics, papercraft and anything else crafty! Jolene is like many crafty people her skills do not stop with one media so having many many different media is fab to look at. Many of the people on this forum are from FH and BB but there are lots of new faces as well.

Finally I found this one just now and am watching its growth with interest. Emma is simply a magician with poly clay. I tried it a couple of times and really struggled with it and have currently given up with it in favour of my sewing. The Poly Clay Forum is specifically aimed at those who work and / or play with poly clay such as Fimo and Cernit.

Go take a look people, if you have never participated in a forum before I urge you to have a look, they can be fantastic places to socialise and  meet people who are doing similar things to you.

Happy friday guys, have a lovely weekend and see you soon



One thought on “Online forums and networking

  1. I love Frit Happens too, it is the first forum that I ever got involved with too and have I have made lot’s of great freinds there – I’m so looking forward to the Flame Off at the weekend for a glassy catch up and natter. Thank you for the mention of Craft Pimp Sam, much appreciated.

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