Rag doll

Rag doll by Samantha Halliwell
Rag doll, a photo by Samantha Halliwell on Flickr.

Good grief it has been a while since I blogged. Many apologies for that but I have been quite busy!.
So what has been going on, well work as usual. I am in the middle of a few days off again which is quite nice. I spent Thursday out with a friend who works in the community and with whose team I have just applied for a job. I went out to see what the job was like and have to say I totally loved it. Interview is 31st March so watch this space. 7 are being interviewed for a full time and a part time post soI have to really shine in the interview. I have a presentation to do which is mostly done I just need to tweak it and rehearse.
The sun has finally started to shine and OMG what a difference. The daffs are out and it finally feels like winter is leaving. This has been a long winter and I really am starting to think I have a bit of SAD cos the last few weeks have been a real struggle. Mind you don’t we all get a bit of SAD when the winter drags on so darned long!
Finally I wanted to share my latest project with you. My friend Jolene who I met through my bead making exploits asked if I could put something together for her little girl to teach her how to tie laces, do up buttons etc and after much playing around with designs and characters I have made Rosie Rag doll. Well I call her Rosie cos I have a thing for alliteration LOL But Ruby can call her whatever she wants. You can see Rosie here chilling in the garden and enjoying the sound of the birds singing and seeing the flowers blooming at last. I hope Jo and more importantly Ruby like her cos I sure do but then I am biased ha ha ha
Right I best be off, girls are tidying their rooms. Imogen is off out with her friends later and Savannah has the first of 2 birthday parties this afternoon so I gotta go shopping for birthday presents 😮
TTFN xxx


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