Music to listen to

I was listening to my iPod yesterday whilst in the car and put my 2000 odd songs on shuffle and as happens songs I have not listened to for a while played and it got me to thinking about my top 10 favourite songs. So today I am gonna share them with you. These are in no particular order they are just songs I love for various reasons.

First up is Duran Duran: Hungry like the Wolf from the Arena album. I love this song not because it is one of their best cos they did better tracks but it holds a particularly fab memory for me. When I hear this track I think of summer afternoons in my back garden as a kid pretending to be in the band. My friends were with me also, Lee was Roger Taylor on drums, Jennifer was Simon Le Bon, I think I was Nick Rhodes and Daran was John Taylor on guitar. That was a fab summer and we had much fun pretending to be pop stars. Excellent track!

Second is pretty much any track by Depeche Mode. I am a huge DM fan and have been for ever. I finally got to see them play live at Wembley Arena in 2001 on their Exciter Tour and OMG Dave Gahan is still gorgeous! I also happen to think that DM were ahead of their time and are sadly underrated in this country. They were the leaders in synth pop and paved the way for a lot of the music today along with groups such as Yazoo and Erasure, but then fans will know they all have one person in common!!!

Third is Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. I was bought up on this my dad adores the album and it is a firm fav in our family as well. I particularly like the “Spirit of Man” track as the male vocals are by Thin Lizzy icon Phil Lynott and he has an amazing voice.

4th is most stuff from Matt Bianco. I love his voice and his songs a lot. Not sure how popular an artist he is but I love his sound!

5 – Moby: 18 quite simply a fantastic chill out track.

6 – Nik Kershaw: Roses from his “Riddle” album. Can you tell how old I am yet LOL. This is the best track on the album and when I downloaded it to my iPod I was impressed to discover I still knew all the words even tho I had not heard it for such a long time.

7 – Hurts – Wonderful Life. I have just discovered this group and totally love this song. It is from their album Happiness and I totally recommend you have a listen to it!

8 – Muse: Muscle Museum. The first track I ever heard from this group. I would love to go and see them live but as yet it has not happened. I play Muse quite a lot cos my 5 year old is beginning to learn the lyrics to it and in fact my youngest sister loves them as well and her kids DO know the words!

9 – Pet Shop Boys “Actually” album. In partcular the “King’s Cross” track. This album was released in 1987 and this track was scarily prophetic when the lads sing about being at King’s Cross and said “Dead and wounded on either side/You know it’s only a matter of time” The Pet Shop Boys were also ahead of their time and are still relevant today as they continue to release tracks. I love their style, their music and some of their tracks hold some very personal memories for me as I think my first true love liked these as well and one track reminds me of him!

10 Radiohead: Creep. OMG Just an absolutely fantastic track. End of. Go listen to it if you have not heard it!

I think top 10 is very hard I found loads of others and I have cheated a bit by naming groups rather than particular tracks but hey this is my blog right ;o)

What do you enjoy listening to?



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