Shall I have another giveaway?

I am very nearly at 2000 hits on this blog which I am so chuffed at. I love reading all the comments that you guys leave but these are few and far between so…….to encourage some conversation between me and you I think another giveaway is in order.

I am really enjoying making pincushions at the moment so if you leave me a comment on this blog I will reply to you and pop your name in the hat for a pin cushion yet to be made. The draw will be made on Sunday evening by one of my daughters and the winner announced here that evening.

Go on you only have to leave a comment and you never know you might get a little prize.



8 thoughts on “Shall I have another giveaway?

    • Hey June, Thank you for your lovely comments. I meant to say to you do you remember Jacey who used to work at Smiths, well I have found her on Facebook. Don’t you just love blogs and facebook and social networking generally. Thank you for leaving a comment 2 names now in the hat!

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