My first pin cushion

My first pin cushion

Originally uploaded by Samantha Halliwell

OK so there are a few ropey bits which you can’t see but this is soooo cute I think I may be about to develop a pin cushion fetish LOL.
This has been made with Kate Spain’s Fandango fabric from Moda, it is one of my current favourites I will be using it some more in other things!



2 thoughts on “My first pin cushion

  1. Hi Sam – just lovin’ the lovely fabric bits and pieces you are making. I visit your blog frequently – will take the time to leave comments in the future. Terri x

    • Hi Terri, thank you for popping by. I think that many of us (me included) visit a number of blogs but rarely leave comments but today I felt like some interaction which has worked quite well I think. At least I know I am not rambling into plain old cyber space someone out there does read my musings LOL
      Name is in hat hun xxx

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