A day in the life…..

….of Sam.

Up at 6.25, shower get ready to go to work. Arrive at work at 6.55, apron on, linen trolley filled up and get patients up and out of bed. 7.35 handover from night staff, check blood forms are complete for all patients I am responsible for today which amounts to 10. I have my pretty darned fab student with me who is very nearly qualified and an agency nurse joining me at 8am. 8am begin drug round. Morning drug round is the heaviest round with most patients on multiple meds. I do all the checks for the day such as manual handling checks, falls screening, bowels, food charts, fluid charts etc, some of these are completed at various times during the shift, some of them are once per shift only. 9am morning handover to the multidisciplinary team occurs. Today is not to bad cos I only have to hand over my 10 patients I am not in charge of the whole ward. At 8.50 I realise that the agency HCA has not arrived so my poor student is doing all the washes alone. I ask the nurse in charge for help. Following handover I make a couple of phone calls to check that residential and nursing homes are coming to assess patients for discharge and to check on the progress of fast track requests. Handover for me starts around 9.30 and finishes around 9.40. Now breaks start. I start to help another member of staff wash a patient, do her leg dressing then it is my turn for break. Someone else takes over and I get 15 mins for a cuppa and a bacon and egg roll.

Back to the ward, my student is doing amazing and after finishing the patient she is with she goes off for her break. I try to get a leg dressing done but get waylaid by the patient who wants a commode and then has an accident which needs to be cleaned up. By now it is 11.30. My student is back from her break and gets on with another leg dressing whilst I take down dressings on another patients legs and assess them. I then redress these legs. One patient needs to be transferred to another ward for rehab so I contact that ward and hand the patient over, in the meantime I have spoken to this patients relatives to inform them of the transfer. an INP is being undertaken this afternoon so I need to check that the paperwork for that is completed. Dinners are beginning to arrive so transfer can wait till she has eaten. 12.15 I begin my lunchtime drug round, this is a nice quick round made even more efficient due to my diligence at the morning round! 12.45 the late staff arrive so I complete the drug round (IV antibiotics) hand over to the afternoon staff finish off any little bits and pieces and then at around 2pm I start to write up my patients notes for the morning. This can take 20 mins to 45 mins depending on how much needs to be written and how many interruptions I get. Today is a good day I finish my shift at 2.45 exactly on time.

I walk home about 7 min walk and get in before Tony does from picking Savannah up from school. Tony and Sas get in about 10 mins later. I discover that the drains work that is due to be carried out tomorrow is now cancelled as the drains are apparently blocked due to poor installation. I have lived here 12 years never touched the drains and never had a problem with them being blocked but that makes no difference. 4pm Imogen gets in from school. At 4.30 I ring my insurance company to make a claim to discover it is highly unlikely that they will cover the problem either as it does not look like accidental damage. At 5pm I ring Southern Water they are going to send a guy out to see if he can help. I have effluent in my garden!

6pm we sit down to dinner all of us round the table. We chat about our day or mostly about the girls day at school. Spend most of my time explaining to Savannah what vegetables she is currently eating, we had a vegetable medley of cherry tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, red pepper and yellow pepper. She was not at all fond of the aubergine!!!

7 ish Imogen gets picked up by her grandad and goes to the gym with him and her 2 cousins. My dad is a retired police officer who still works at our local police station as a civilian and he goes to the gym at work. 8ish the guy arrives about the drains, the problem is ours and not that of Southern Water so back to square one.

I am tired I am going to bed got another early shift tomorrow and it all happens all over again!

My life is not exciting, nor is it dramatic it is just my life, much like many others I guess.



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