Winner and Do I or Don’t I??

The winner of my little pink tote bag is…..


I used the random number generator on the internet but having spent the last 10 mins trying to figure out how to save a screen shot or to work out where to place the HTML on WordPress to put it on the blog I have given up so please believe me number 3 it was!! Thank you so much to the 15 of you who left comments, I am pleased to see that I am not rambling to myself!

Shaz please can you send your full name and address to sam.halliwell38[at] and I will pop the bag into the post for you in the next few days!

I have had a few comments about selling my bags and if I do where do I do it. Right now I don’t sell through any site. I was thinking about taking orders but my work commitments mean that I am not always reliable in getting orders sorted and my money situation means that I cannot buy any huge amounts of fabric in to meet orders. That said if I make something and you like it then I am usually open to offers. I love seeing things I make go to homes where they will be loved as much as I love making them. I also don’t want the hassle of yearly tax returns for such small amounts of money that I am likely to make (or not in the case of my bead and jewellery business) I still have the 2009 / 10 tax return to sort out by the end of this month. This was one of the myriad of reasons for closing my bead and jewellery business. I simply cannot see the point for something that makes no profit! I know that I have no tax to pay and that the system has to ensure that no-one is “pulling a fast one” but I am not disciplined enough to get my act together to keep books for what amounts to pence per week!

So the long and the short of it is if you see something you like talk to me and we can sort something out 😉

Congratulations Shaz don’t forget to email me and thank you again for all your lovely comments please keep popping by to see what I am up to



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