Patchwork duffle bag

patchwork duffle bag

Originally uploaded by Samantha Halliwell

I have finally finished making my first patchwork duffle bag. What do you think? I did not use a pattern and think that there has to be a better way to sew the bottom on so some research is needed to see if there is an easier way.
Hope you are all ok and that the snow is not being to disruptive especially for your holiday plans. I am done now for Christmas shopping I think, barring a few little things middle of next week like fresh veg. All the wrapping is done and no more presents to buy. Turkey crown is in the freezer (note to self: don’t forget to get it out to defrost!!!).
I am working Christmas day but have Christmas Eve and Boxing day off so our Christmas dinner will be on Boxing Day.
Can’t believe how fast this year has gone scary don’t you think?
Well best be off visiting my best mate tonight and taking KFC with us, hoorah no cooking!!!



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